At Jubilee we all have one accord, and that is to Serve our God and Savior as all
Christians should.  Our service is contemporary and we move as the Holy Spirit
guides us.  As Christians you will find us just like you, no different inside or out, yet
with a faithful call to serve our Lord as He wills of us.  We are as diverse in culture
as this nation, yet we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, with no color barriers, no
language differences, no restrictions nor separation.
If you live in or around Deltona, we invite you to worship with us.  If you are
planning a trip to Florida and would like to visit with us, send us an email and we
shall make you a part of our family during your stay.

Thank you for visiting
Worship Service                             10:30 am
Children's Church (ages 5 - 11)        10:30 am
Nursery (infants - age 4)                  10:30 am
Sunday Services
Wednesday Night
Jubilee Worship Center- Deltona, FL
Caring for Lives
Mid Week Service                            7:00 pm
Children's Ministries                         7:00 pm
Nursery (infants - age 4)                   7:00 pm
"Gateway" Youth Ministry                 7:00 pm
(Middle & High School)
Pastors Frank and Rosemarie Mirino
We are now on Facebook.  Please join our group,
Jubilee Worship Center- Deltona,
for updates and events.